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Get ready to change your life. Dancing is an excellent stress reducer and a great way to stretch your muscles and your memory. We offer lessons in a group setting or private lessons. Group lessons are great for meeting people and learning how to dance with new people. Private lessons are wonderful for working on technique, or a special dance and is especially beneficial for men in learning to lead.

We will assist you in choreographing your wedding dance. The first dance is just as important as the other wedding plans you have to make. Make this night memorable, you'll surprise your friends and family with your style and grace.


$60 per person for a six week session (one lesson per week) or $12 per class

Exercise class and practice hour are $5 per person

Beginner Ballroom

The Beginning of the Bronze level for smooth, latin and rhythm ballroom dances, this level is recommended for students who want to learn to dance at social gatherings

Students learn the fundamentals of American style ballroom. The syllabus includes the first three patterns of each of the following dances:

  • Foxtrot (smooth dance)
  • Swing (rhythm dance)
  • Rumba (latin dance)
  • Waltz (smooth dance)
  • Cha Cha (latin dance)
  • Tango (smooth dance) 

Intermediate Ballroom

The Intermediate Ballroom course is designed for student who have completed the beginner session.  You wil review beginner level and add more patterns to each dance in the Bronze Ballroom syllabus.         

  • Foxtrot (smooth dance)
  • Swing (rhythm dance)
  • Rumba (latin dance)
  • Waltz (smooth dance)
  • Cha Cha (latin dance)
  • Tango (smooth dance) 

Silver Ballroom

The Silver Ballroom course is designed for students who have completed the Intermediate Ballroom course. You will add the remaining patterns of the Bronze Ballroom syllabus.

Extensive work on technique of each dance is included in this course.

  • Foxtrot (smooth dance)
  • Swing (rhythm dance)
  • Rumba (latin dance)
  • Waltz (smooth dance)
  • Cha Cha (latin dance)
  • Tango (smooth)

Speciality Classes

There are a variety of dances that will be in this class, usually on Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings. You will learn one dance for the six week course.  Designed to lear basic patterns and technique.  Dances are selected by popular demand and could include any of the following.        

  • Salsa  (latin dance)
  • Hustle (rhythm dance)
  • Bolero (latin dance)
  • Quickstep  (smooth dance)
  • Bachata (latin dance)
  • Argentine Tango (latin dance)
  • Mambo (latin dance)
  • Merengue (latin dance)
  • Samba (latin dance)
  • West Coast Swing (rhythem dance)
  • Group classes for Wedding Parties


Exercise Classes

  • Bralada (Brazilian Latin Dance Workout) exercise to music from Latin America.  One hour of stress relive and great exercise.  Move at your own pace, something for everyone!!

Open dance floor practice hour

The dance floor will be open for practice, which is a great way to improve your dancing.  Open floor, music and mirrors will aid you in advancment. Check the calendar for scheduling.

Private Lessons

There is no easier way to learn dancing than working one-on-one with an instructor. With our personalized attention you will develop these skills.

  • Technique
  • Leading and Following
  • Timing Skills
  • Adding more complex patterns
  • Developing a performance routine

Private lessons are recommended for those who desire more personalized attention to their particular needs and goals.

When it comes time to choreograph your Wedding dance, private lessons are the best choice.

Private lessons are available for those wanting to learn a dance not offered in group lessons.

$60 per hour and lessons are scheduled by appointment.